Cookies for Nephew’s Winter Wonderland birthday

I am really excited for a Winter Wonderland birthday tomorrow. I know I am still very rusty, it isn’t that easy to practice but you know what, I keep trying. One day I will be better and less rusty but even in the time frame I get to practice, I do the best I can. This might help me plan better for my future projects, who knows.

My daughter is a year old now, as most mothers know very attention begging and time consuming and it gets even more until they are slightly more independent. I hope I get more chances to practice. Next time I will try and plan better. It is also my last semester at BU and I will be going for my graduation soon, I have to stay focused on graduation goals, my baby, my home etc.

It is amazing how far things have come, I miss my late father often and things turned around when he was sick and passed away. I have a sense of achievement now, I am glad I took the decision to apply to Boston university after his death, I am proud of myself to have taken cake decorating courses at Wilton in Jumeirah Dubai before I got married and I am going to keep on trying. I never knew I would get a reply from the university that I got accepted, I was in shock and surprised to be honest. Ever since I had moved back to Dubai I had taken a leave  for a while but life opened new doors for me. The cake decorating courses were also a random decision. I just decided I want to give it a go, Alhumdulillah that I did . We should never give up. That is my message to all of you :).




My baby’s first birthday cake

I made this cake a couple days after a whiplash accident, my back hurt like crazy but I was determined to complete this cake as it was my baby’s first birthday gathering. I could not let her down. I was not able to add finishing touches to the cake, I kept it as simple as possible and I tried my best to do whatever I could. Maybe next year there will be more that I can do but so far everything worked out 🙂

In a way I have become used to shuffling between school, baby, house chores, and trying to do what I love, decorating, baking, drawing, painting, henna and so many more activities! I try.


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My daughter’s first birthday cake, it was fun to make. The theme of the party was Baymax & the cake topper represents her in the dress she wore.

My lion birthday cake

2015-11-17 00.34.38

Initially I was going to make a duck family but I decided to ask my husband on what he felt. He asked me, ‘ How about a lion family? Is there enough time to make that?’. I decided to give it a try. I didn’t know how to design the lion family so I looked up other works. I loved Charles Fukuyama’s lion couple design and here is the link that helped me gain my idea. He designs amazing and very cute toppers.


If my husband was a lion, he would have his signature front hair fringe like that and my daughter the baby lion cub has her signature Agnes hairstyle too. Ever since my daughter’s birth, this has been my first proper birthday. She was only a couple months old at my birthday last year. I didn’t get a chance to make a cake then but this year I made it happen.



Fun evening making cookies for my neice

I am going to be meeting my neice Zayneb very soon! I am so excited and yesterday I spent my evening decorating some home made sugar cookies for her. I designed them a month back. Unfortunately the weather was very hot yesterday and the royal icing spread too much to allow me to synchronize the way I wanted. Still this was pretty close to what I had imagined.

Cookies by Rosh

Cookies by Rosh

Cookies Cookies Packed Cookies

Baby and us

I made this cake in intervals, with dark circles from lack of sleep and hardly anytime but made it on time at least.

Sleepless nights, emergency check ups if the baby is alright, there is so much your bundle of joy brings to this world! I made this cake representing my husband who is a resident at a hospital. We are sitting on a carpet that mimics his prescription. My husband is a fan of rustic looking figurines and he wanted the prescription to not look perfect. I decided to add these balloons that I brought readymade from to add more life. This year there is a baby with us as part of our family cake topper. The more the merrier ❤

Celebrating first birthday after baby