Cookies for Nephew’s Winter Wonderland birthday

I am really excited for a Winter Wonderland birthday tomorrow. I know I am still very rusty, it isn’t that easy to practice but you know what, I keep trying. One day I will be better and less rusty but even in the time frame I get to practice, I do the best I can. This might help me plan better for my future projects, who knows.

My daughter is a year old now, as most mothers know very attention begging and time consuming and it gets even more until they are slightly more independent. I hope I get more chances to practice. Next time I will try and plan better. It is also my last semester at BU and I will be going for my graduation soon, I have to stay focused on graduation goals, my baby, my home etc.

It is amazing how far things have come, I miss my late father often and things turned around when he was sick and passed away. I have a sense of achievement now, I am glad I took the decision to apply to Boston university after his death, I am proud of myself to have taken cake decorating courses at Wilton in Jumeirah Dubai before I got married and I am going to keep on trying. I never knew I would get a reply from the university that I got accepted, I was in shock and surprised to be honest. Ever since I had moved back to Dubai I had taken a leave  for a while but life opened new doors for me. The cake decorating courses were also a random decision. I just decided I want to give it a go, Alhumdulillah that I did . We should never give up. That is my message to all of you :).




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